Bra orders are only open for a few days a month and in limited numbers so keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook for the dates. If there's a big red button directly below, then you are good to order.

Before you do that though, you need to scroll down this page and:

a) Decide on one of this months colour options.
b) Watch the video and get your measurements.
c) Read the important information section carefully.


It fits so well, I couldn’t believe it!
— @atinyjourney


What Lydia Made makes ethical design-led custom underwear bespoke to your dimensions

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I whipped off what I though was my most comfortable bra to try on my NOW most comfortable bra. Fits lovely!!
— @takeapicturelady



Every month, a limited number of new orders will be available in a limited number of exciting colour combos. Below are this months options for you to choose from.



We wanted to make it as simple and accessible as possible for you to order a well fitting bra, so we made this straightforward instructional video to help you accurately get your bra measurements.


– Important Information

The product you are ordering is custom made for you so it is important to get your measurements correct or the bra will not fit. While we are willing to refund/replace damaged or flawed bras or bras where the sizing issues are caused by my mistakes, we will unfortunately be unable to do that for bras where the measurements have been given to us incorrectly.

Communication is key in order to make this whole process viable, and so responding to emails promptly and clearly (especially when a deadline in place) is very important. If you are late in getting information over, this may result in your order being delayed until the following months batch. 

An up front payment is required alongside your measurements and bra preference information. This is because each bra needs specially ordered pieces based on their sizes. If possible payments should be made through Paypal to 'platonicpress@gmail.com'. If you have any queries, you can contact Lydia directly here.