The Ordering Process

Unfortunately there are no slots available right now. Please check back at the start of next month or look out for updates on my social media. Keep reading below to familiarise yourself with the ordering process.

In order to get you the best underwear we can, we need to go through quite a lot of steps. This page explains all the aspects of the order process to make sure you know exactly what you are doing when you progress to the order form. So read carefully. Please do not progress to the order form unless you have your measurements ready.

Step 01

Booking your slot

In order to make sure production goes smoothly, we have implemented a calendar booking system, displaying two months at a time. You will be automatically assigned the first available slot, and your underwear should be produced and sent out within 2 weeks of that date.

If production is going well, more days may become available.

Step 02

Your Details

To start with we will need your name (or the name of the person you are ordering the underwear for) and your preferred contact email address.

Step 03

Your Order

You have a choice of ordering a Bra + Pants set, only a bra, or only pants. Due to demand, only one of these options can be ordered at a time. If you wish to purchase a second set, bra or pair of pants, you will have to complete the form again, so its worth keeping your details on hand.

Bra Only


Bra + Pants Set


Pants Only


Step 04-06

Style Options

The What Lydia Made bra is available in wired and non-wired styles, with either a long or short-line band depending on your preference. Bralettes are an alternative option; they are non-wired with a little extra fabric under the bust and no back fastener for a comfortable slip on fit. All come in a variety of strap options.

You can also choose High or low waisted pants based on what is comfortable for you.

Wired / Short-Line
Non-Wired / Short-Line
Additional Requirements

If you are breast feeding, there is an option for including a nursing clip. If you are trans, non-binary, or male, there is an option for a bra designed for ‘no boobs’ and ‘pants with shaping’ to accomodate your genitals. Please make sure you select these if needed.

Step 07


Now is the fun part - there are 9 beautful colour-ways for you to choose from. If you fancy something a little more custom, then you will need to contact me to discuss further before you fill out the form. Custom colour-ways will cost an additional £15

Step 08


Unlike most other brands. WLM underwear is custom made to your measurements. It can be daunting to measure yourself so we have made a simple to follow video to help you out. Please follow the steps carefully and ask someone to help you.

If you have uneven, or only one breast it would be best for you to email me directly before continuing with your order as I will need some other specific information.

If you have no breasts, you can take these measurements standing up with no bra on.

Step 09

Additional Details

Here is where you can let us know anything else you think is important. For example, If you have been in contact about custom colours or requirements - please clearly and succinctly jot down what we talked about in this section.

Step 10


Once your have completed your order, you can move on to the checkout. You will be asked for your shipping details and postage option based on your area of the world. If you order more than one bespoke product (i.e. two sets), some additional postage cost will be applied.


Standard (1-3 Days) £3

Signed For (1 Day) £5


Standard (3-5 Days) £6

Tracked (3-5 Days) £11


Standard (5-7 Days) £7

Tracked (5-7 Days) £13

And Finally...

Important Information

The product you are ordering is custom made for you based on the measurements you have given me. If there is an issue with fit I am willing to refund/replace incorrectly sized or flawed bras where I am at fault. I understand that there are a large number of variables that can affect incorrect measurements and will endeavour to make sure everyone has a bra in their right size barring the absolute worst case scenarios. I will unfortunately be unable to refund any underwear where the measurements have been given wildly incorrectly. You will be eligible for a refund or replacement for ill fit for up to 14 days after receipt of the product, but of course if the product is defective or has an unnoticed flaw, feel free to contact me later than that.

The reason for this is that these pieces are custom made by hand. I do not have stock and the likelihood of being able to re-sell a bra of that particular size and colour is slim. However, I strive for good customer service, and if there is any problem with your purchase, please get in touch and we’ll figure something out. If you aren’t sure about any of these things, please read the terms and conditions at the check out for more detailed information.

Communication is key in order to make this whole process viable, and so responding to emails promptly and clearly (especially when a deadline in place) is very important. If you are late in getting information over, this may result in your order being delayed or cancelled.

Please do not progress to the order form unless you have your measurements ready.