This is where you give me all the really important information I need in order to make you some well fitting bespoke underwear. Please make you have followed the steps in the 'How to measure for a Bra'  video carefully and have them filled out in the correct sections below. Once you have submitted the form, you will prompted to pay via Paypal. If there are any issues with Paypal payment, please do get in touch. Prompt payment would be appreciated.

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Waist and hip measurements are only needed if ordering pants.
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Please provide your shipping address and select one of the postage options below. Add the stated price onto your total paypal amount when you send money. eg. Bra and Pants (£75) + UK standard (£3) = £78
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If you would like a custom colour or special detail such as a nursing bra, please describe your needs here, and I'll be in touch if there's any issues.